Alta Langa - pure enjoyment

Culture and Enjoyment

The region around Alta Langa offers a wide spectrum of exciting but still fine options in tourism: it varies around biking, hiking and trekking, up to cultural events and trips. Evenmore the Seashore is in a one hour reach, which makes our apartments an ideal starting point. 

The Alta Langa is not a place of mass tourism - which does not turn it into a boring or uneventful region. You will find fascinating and untouched natural landscapes. To decore your well deserved rest you will encounter wonderful activities for your free time, your need for culture and more.

Some activites you may want to include in your stay:

  • Hiking, Cycling, Mountainbiking and trekking
  • Town fairs and local markets
  • Panorama hunts through the hills
  • Tavolata with your hosts
  • A jump into the ligurian sea, juts at one hour
  • Winetrip at known and unknown wine producers
  • Enjoy our terreno and relax
  • Enjoy a delicious hazelnut cake and other local products
  • Learn everything there is to know about black truffle with Angelo
  • Enjoy a fine piedmontese dinner at one of the wonderful local trattorie

Let us know about your wishes and interests, we are very happy to help you planning.